• Troy Hudson, Owner

"One Dollar, Bob!"

"Price is only an issue in the absence of value"

- Unknown

If you have something of value to sell. Something made with [literally] blood, sweat and tears, the price is almost irrelevant and something that is understood and accepted by those investing in you and your product.

As with any business, big or small, local or international, price is considered "King". I admit, I too have found myself digging through the internet trying to find the lowest price on things I have needed or wanted. But what if what you want or need doesn't exist? Or it exists, but not in the size/style/color you want? What kind of price tag do you put on such a thing?....

Mini Wood Productions began because I was after something I couldn't find. A minimalistic wooden business card holder, capable of holding at least 15 cards and fitting in my pocket. Searching online I found thousands of leather, steel, and plastic options, but none which offered me the simplicity of what I had in mind. So I set out to create my own. Weeks were spent on the first, second, and third article, but still it wasn't something I could put my name behind. Eventually I figured out the best way to build it, but what would it sell for I asked myself? You have material cost, tool cost, packaging, shipping, advertising, oh and time. We cannot forget time!

Once I nailed down a price, the card holders sold faster than I could make them! So quick I started to wonder if I had undervalued my holders, but then it hit me! I was selling something that wasn't out there. Something unique, but overall, something valuable to the buyer and seen as more than just a piece of wood with a slot in it. They understood the time and effort that was put into each piece as it was handcrafted in my garage, one at a time, with the wood of their suggestion. It was really that simple!

So, I guess what I am trying to say is "Don't sell yourself short!". The price is always right where there is value.


Troy H.

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