Are these kit pens?

No these are not kit pens.  All the pens you see available are created one at a time on a manual lathe in my garage.  I begin with raw stock and through many hours or turning, drilling, sanding, polishing, etc., we end up with the beautiful pens you see here.  The only part of the pen not machined by me is the nib and holder.

For those not sure what a "kit" pen is, it is a set of components that are purchased and press fit to a predetermined sized body.  The body is the only portion of the pen that is turned by the maker.  These are great and it is where I (and many other artisans) began in the world of pen turning, but your end results can be limited.  With a custom handmade "kitless" pen you see here, your choice of material, shape, finish, etc. is not limited!

How long does it take to make a custom pen?

Usually 5 hours or more.  It really depends on the material and complexity of the pen you decide. on.  

Do you do ballpoints/roller ball pens?

At this time I am focused on fountain pens as there is so much range with nibs, inks, shapes, etc. and I want to explore these in more detail.  In the near future I will be offering roller ball pens as a standard offering.

Is there a discount for veterans?

YES!  Veterans will always receive a discount of 10% for any item sold by me online, or in person.  Click here to get your discount today.

Are Teacher and Student discounts available like big box stores?

Yes we do!  10% discount to active teachers and students are available.  Click here for details.

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